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Is Google really hacking you and stop google from tracing you?

There is always a doubt that Google is taking your data and leaking it to others. In this post, you will know what exactly is happening.

- 4 min read

Undoubtedly there is no any doubt that Google is in one of the leading companies in the globe of Web and Technology.

Google, a child company of Alphabet, is a Search Engine. Most probably we use Google to search our queries. And again there is no any doubt that we get quality and required results.

But, there are many touches of humor or like Google takes your data, and sells to other sites. Even many people say that Google is hacking your privacy and many more things.

How your data is used, and taken. Let's know!

Some of the main key points which am going to tell are:

  • Google Search Engine
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Mail
  • Websites using Adsense
  • Title of Images

Google Search Engine:

Most often and probably you are using Google as a default search engine. You do search your queries; you interact with the results and so. But did you ever visited the Privacy Policy page of Google? Which is nowhere but on the bottom left corner?

If you haven't, please go and read or read from here.

The Privacy Policy of Google says

They will be recording our queries, IP, cookies, and other informational data.

Google even tells about the reason about why they are recording our data : just to give you better experience regarding search results.

When you search something, they are recorded, sent to Google database, and when next time you search the same or relating query. You get the same or relating results which you were exactly searching.

Google Chrome:

Of course, Chrome a child product of Alphabet, same as Google. Most of the users use Chrome as their default web browser.

It is lightweight and can be easily installed. But sometimes, or say we always install the .exe files without reading the Terms and Conditions. We just click on Agree and Install.

This is what where you lack the information. The chrome while installing asks for your permission to use collect your data in standard mode.Your data, in Incognito mode, is never recorded.

No matter, if you are using any other search engine for search queries. If you are using Chrome, then your data will be given to the Google.
It is not illegal, you - yourself have due to the permission to Chrome to record the data.

Chrome makes a Cookies File within the browser and saves if for some sessions. Cookies are some small files which stores and collects the data related to a particular person, search history, and computer.


Alright, you are neither using Google Chrome nor the Google Search Engine. But still, your data is being recorded? Why?

Well, the answer is, if you have signed into the Google Mail, i.e., Gmail which is also a product of Alphabet. Then your search and other histories are recorded in the form of Cookies [ as explained above ]. Because, when you are signed in, then every search query is being tracked by the Google [ due to the activity permissions you have already given]. You can even stop or pause it by going to

When you create your Gmail account, you accept Terms and Conditions, but unfortunately you forget to read them.

So it is you, who is permitting Google to let the data be recorded.

Websites using Adsense:

If you have a website or a blog or you are in the field of web. You possibly have heard a term Adsense. If in case you don't know what it is then:

"Adsense is an Advertising platform, powered by Google. Which serves ads on your website and when users interact with those ads, you get paid."

Now getting back to the topic, how sites are using your data.

Well, the websites again are using Cookies, and most often you have seen a SnackBar or a notification asking you to accept their Terms and Conditions. Well, the notification is all about using Cookies, you most probably agree them.

Since most of the websites use Adsense as their primary ad network, then they are sending your data (with your permission) to Adsense. And that is why, when you see only those Ad terms which you have recently searched.

The websites, stores your cookies (fresh cookies from browser) + the query which brings you up to their website to Adsense.

This is how the website is helping Adsense and so you.

Websites with Image Title:

When you search something on Google, and then you press the Images tab, just to get results in pictures. You get your desired image.

But sometimes you get your picture there too. Don't worry, the Google is not hacking you, but your image is either used somewhere in someone's websites. Or you have publicly uploaded it to the Social Networking Sites.

When a website uses your image, it possibly gives some title to the picture. And, when these titles are searched. Your image comes up.

Who is using your image?

Well, Google helps you in knowing the exact sources from where your data or the image is coming. When you click on the searched image, you will see on the right-hand side of the picture something is written. That is nothing but the sources, from where your data is being taken.

These images, are indexed on the Google (since the sites submit their sitemap to index to Google), and so everything related to the site is sent to Google.

These were the exact and possible reasons about your data being publicly available. Google is not doing anything without your permission, you - yourself are permitting to submit your records.

Have no worries, your data is not being shared anywhere you are almost safe. But please be smart, to check who is using your data.

These were the key points from my research. If you have some more points to be added in list, please do let me know through the comment section below.

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