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6 Cool Landing Pages Templates For Blogger Free Download

Designing a landing page in blogger is not easy task. Start with these cool landing page templates free download.

- 4 min read

In my early days of blogging, I had hard time designing a premium squeeze/landing page for blogger. I remember going through one of our post titled "How to create a landing page in blogger" by Satbir Patel. It helped me a lot on from where and how to start designing a landing page.

However, the job was not easy. It took a lot of efforts and time to come up with design and making it responsive. Because of this, I had a feeling to shift to WordPress from Blogger. But for some reasons, I planned to stick with blogger platform and dropped my plan to design a landing page for blogger.

Few weeks ago, however, while searching for new design concepts in blogger, I noticed a lot of premium landing pages freely available for blogger. I was so amazed by their design qualities and features that I planned to create my personal portfolio page. It felt premium and therefore, I thought to share all available landing page themes with you all.

Why to use landing page templates for blogger?

Landing page designs are developed with latest data code structure and schema markups. They have embedded features and make the job of customizing easier and user friendly.

Moreover, they are well suited for product promotions, portfolios, app development campaigns and even charity programs, making them perfect for using as a landing page theme for blogger.

Features of Landing/ Squeeze Page Blogger Templates 

Below I have listed some features of all the listed page templates.

  • Responsive Design.
  • Designed with latest SEO tactics.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Available in unlimited color combination.
  • Best suited for landing pages
  • Animations added.
  • Contact Form Added.

Cool Design Landing Pages For Blogger with Download Link

I have added 6 different templates with demo and download buttons. You can always use them for free, however, it is important to keep the credits intact. We will not be responsible for any events or consequences in near future. Enjoy Free Landing Templates.

1) Isaac Landing Page Blogger Template

This template is a personal portfolio landing page designed for blogger platform to showcase your skills, products & details about projects and articles. It is a fully responsive theme that fits perfectly in every screen size. Elegance and simplicity are the two key factors that attract every blogger users in using Isaac Landing page. And yea, animation while scrolling provides a premium feeling.
Template by : Template Clue

Download Live Demo

2) OneJob Premium Landing page For Blogger

This template is a clean and simple one page blogger landing page template that loads amazingly fast and fits perfectly with every screen size. It is best-suited for personal resume. However, you will not regret using it as products landing page, app development landing page, school website template and charity squeeze page. This theme comes with color combination of red, black and white and supports template customizer for unlimited color combo. 
Template by : Sora Templates

3) Affiliation Blogger Landing Page Theme

This template is built with latest blogger code structure and is SEO optimized. Similar to OneJob template, it is also a super-fast loading landing page that changes its width according to user's screen size and resolution. By default, you can see a trio color combination of black, white and blue as action color. However, you can apply N number of color combo easily with template customizer available in blogger theme section. This squeeze page theme is primarily used for products landing page, as the name itself suggests.
Template by : Sora Templates

4) Basil Portfolio Squeeze Page For Blogger

This is an ultimate portfolio landing page designed for blogger platform. It features review widget, contact page form, skill bar and latest articles tab. This template comes in handy with latest code structure and is built with color combo of black, white and yellow as action color. Similar to all above themes, you can easily change the combination and is fully responsive in design.
Template by : Sora Templates

5) Folio Blogger Landing Page Theme

This template is also a portfolio squeeze page designed for blogger platform. It features all services similar to Basil Portfolio theme.  It fits very well with all screen sizes and is cross browser compatible. It loads in short span of time. It includes social icons so you can always build more links. Basically, this template is what you should be using in a portfolio website design.
Template by : Sora Templates

6) Storm Landing Page For Blogger

As the name suggests, this template brought a storm in website designing field. In early days, Wordpress was considered superior to blogger platform because of its effectiveness, user friendly layout and support for cool website designs. However, templates like Storm landing page display the other. I've been using this template in my portfolio landing page.
Template by : Themeswear

That's all. Now you have 6 different landing page designs in blogger. Start using them, and send us some feed-backs, if possible.

So,what's next?

Below are some FAQs on landing pages/squeeze pages. Be sure to read them at least once for general information. Happy Blogging !

What is a landing page?

A landing page is the first page you "land-on" after clicking a link. In this sense, a landing page could be anything -- your homepage, any specific post, contact page or a product page.

Why do you even need a landing page?

Landing pages are designed in particular with one common goal - to convert visitors into leads. They follow a form that allows you to capture visitors information in exchange for desired offers.

Do I need coding skills to design my landing pages?

To design customized landing pages, coding skills are needed, however, you can always start with basic templates provided by us and learn in depth.

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