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Crazy Top 7 Facebook Tips And Tricks - 2020

Facebook is one of the most used social platform. Today, I'll present you crazy facebook tips and tricks of 2020.

- 4 min read

[Solved] Godaddy Domain not working without www In Blogger

There are a lot of tutorials online that shows how to set up custom domain names from Godaddy in bloggers. However, most of them do not talk about a common issue - Domain https non-www to www redirection fail. In other words, godaddy domain name do not work without www in blogger.

- 3 min read

Windows 7 .Exe File Association Fix Download Here

Windows .exe file association is a terrible issue faced by Window users. Either .exe files does not work or they get opened by some applications like notepad. In this article, I'll give you a fix.

- 1 min read

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