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How to know if a website is on wordpress or not?

You navigated to a site and wonder whether Wordpress powered that site? Here is an easy way to find if a website is using wordpress or not.
How to know if a website is on wordpress or not?
Identify if a website is using wordpress or not
When you surf internet, you probably often visit a number of websites on different platforms. The design of some websites manage to give you the 'wow' feeling.First thing you wonder is how the website is made; especially what CMS - Content Management System the website is using.
Most of the premium and SEO optimized websites uses WordPress. If you are familiar with Wordpress then it might be easy for you to figure out if the website is on Wordpress or not. But for most of the users, it can be vexatious.

Luckily there's an easy method that'll speed up the process to know and find whether the website is on wordpress or not.

What is WordPress?

  • WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and open blogging source tool based on PHP and MYSQL.
  • More than 60% of websites are using WordPress.
  • WordPress is not owned by any company and has no CEO. 
  • Most of the government and educational websites are on WordPress.
  • WordPress can be downloaded for self-hosted installations from WordPress.org or it can also be used as a hosted service via WordPress.com which is for free.
  • Around 50,000 free plugins are available on WordPress.
  • WordPress is available on more than 60+ language.

Does all premium designed websites uses Wordpress?

Nowadays,the trend of creating and migrating websites from different CMS platforms to Wordpress has rapidly increased because of the flexibility and full ownership on the website. But we can't neglect some free CMS platforms like blogger, typepad,Joomla, tumblr and drupal. 
Most of the users are still on these platforms. Also,developers are working to extract premium design template and plugins from Wordpress to different platforms.Therefore, by the design we can't say whether a website is using WordPress or not.

Recently,I've shared Premium Wordpress Like Email Subscription Box for Blogger.

How to Check if a website is on Wordpress or not?

There's a lot of methods to know if a website is on wordpress or not. You can view the source code and search for -wp or simply enter URLOfTheWebsite.com/wp-login.php or URLOfTheWebsite.com/wp-admin.php. That seems to be really vexatious. But I have already promised to share an easy method. Here it is:

Method 1: Know if a website is on Wordpress or not using ISITWP.Com

Isitwp is a free and simple website that can be used to find if a website is on wordpress or not. This site only gives a Yes or No answer. So here are the steps:
  • First visit This Website.
  • Next, enter the domain name in place of ENTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME which you want to check.
  • Click on Analyze Website.
  • Done,you can now check and know if the website you are visiting is on WordPress or not.
Know if a website in on wordpress or not

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Method 2: Find if a website is on Wordpress or not using BuiltWith.Com

Builtwith is an alternative to IsitWp and it provides complete details of the website you want to search along with Yes or No answer. Follow the steps:
  • Go to this website.
  • Enter the domain name in place of ENTER A WEBSITE ADDRESS.
  • Press Lookup.
  • Done,you'll be see complete details of the website.
check if a website is wordpress or not
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That's all !! I hope you enjoyed the article on how to identify if a website is on wordpress or not. If you want me to share WordPress Tricks, let me know. Currently, twistblogg is on blogger and we are soon going to migrate to Wordpress. Happy blogging ✌ [再见 - Bye Bye in Chinese]

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