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Introducing Prime - Elegant and Bold Blogger Theme

Prime is a bold and premium blogger theme of 2024. It looks like a wordpress theme, and is packed with multiple features and seo tricks. Download it.
Introducing Prime - Elegant and Bold Blogger Theme
Introducing prime blogger theme- premium theme of 2024

Blogger community has been growing with new rise in content creators and bloggers. Focus has been shifted towards improving user experience and building a better blog and key to that is a premium and optimized blogger theme.

I mean, who do not want a good looking theme, right? 

Because the very first thing a user notices is how a page looks and loads. An aesthetically pleasing and fast loading website is what most prefer. 

Being said that, it is easier to find such Wordpress and Ghost themes. However, blogger is still lacking in bold and minimal themes. There are lots of premium blogger templates, however, either they are lacking some features, or they are over packed with features.

Solution to that -- A minimal and bold theme focused on content delivery and loaded with optimal features.

Well, I have a good news 😛 for you all. We recently launched a blogger theme and named it "Prime". It is built with latest trends and supports high pagespeed and optimization. I am sure you will love using the template as much we love designing it.

What is Prime Blogger theme?

Prime is a bold, elegant and premium blogger theme that delivers professional design with new seo optimizations, ads slots and market trending features. 


Demos and screenshots of Prime theme

Below I have listed some screenshots of premium prime blogger template. Click on the images to view in full size. Also, I have linked a demo link to test the site live.

Key Features of Prime Template for Blogger

Below I will list couple of features available in our theme.

Mobile friendly and highly Responsive Design 

Prime template is built with modern css properties and mobile friendly approach. All components are highly responsive and fit perfectly on different device sizes either tablets, ipads, laptops, iphones or android devices. 

Better Performance, SEO optimized and Ads ready

We packed all features without compromising much on performance. Performance is a key to better user experience and we promise to deliver. Here's a snippet of how prime template performs on mobile and desktop devices. 

Pagespeed Test
Pagespeed captured without enabling popular post thumbnails

Not only performance, but we focused on building a website that is accessible to all people. We score a whopping 100 score on that. Moreover, the theme is highly seo optimized. We passed google valid structured test and support rich result too.

Prime is also packed with 10+ ads positions. You can easily add and remove your ads from layout and template.You can learn more about ads positioning in our documentation website.

Please note: Maintaining SEO score depends on how you maintain on page optimization

Clean layout and Premium Looks

We kept our layout clean meaning you can adjust most of the theme elements directly from Layout tab present in blogger dashboard. (If you are unfamiliar to blogger dashboard, please check this guide) We tend to design bold and big blogger themes.

Advanced Blogger commenting system

Lets be honest, default blogger commenting system looks dull. We modified most of the components and built a rich commenting system. Enable Anonymous comments for taking advantage of built in auto thumbnail generation. 

Also, we gave our users option to insert images, blockquotes, codes and links. More options will be added in future updates. Commenting system is lazy loaded by default, and are organized beautifully. Here's a glimpse from one of our posts.

Commenting system for blogger

Clean Documentation

We built a complete new website for the sole purpose of helping you easy access to documentation. You can easily search and find required queries in our documentation. Also, we will update new issues and fixes very quickly. The documentation is built with the power of NextJS and Nextra theme. You can check the docs live.

Custom Pages [ Premium designs ]  

With the purchase of Prime theme, we provide eight different and uniquely designed custom pages. Showcase your website and build a modern web app. You can start using them by embedding them directly. Happy Blogging ✊

  • Contact Us
  • About Us
  • Authors
  • Individual Author
  • Tags
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Write for Us

Auto Filter posts by Authors [ A real multi author blogger blog]

We thrived to build a real multi author blogger website. For that, we built custom Authors page where you display your blog authors. And each author will have their own author page where we sort articles by respective authors in the order of published date. Cool, hah?

And we added a button on each posts which auto generates link for that author and forwards users to that author page on click.  You can scroll down to the end of this post and find the button "Explore more articles by my_name" and when you click, it will open my author page.

All the articles on author pages are auto generated. You need to add 2 lines of code and the plugin will do the work and display posts. I am sure you gonna love it.

Advanced Anti-Ads Blocker and many more plugins

Ads-blockers can be real issues if you are focused on earning. We created anti adblocker that beautifully crafts adblock detected message. Unlike other websites, we display a portion of our article and display cool effect like medium. 

Moreover, you will be getting reading time, cookies consent, syntax highlighter, sticky header and many other plugins.

And some other features include:

  • Layout v3 & Widget v2
  • Lazy Load Images, Videos and Scripts
  • Infinite Scroll Navigation
  • Automatic Table of Contents
  • PrismJS Highlighter
  • Post Reading Time
  • Notification Bar
  • Cookie Banner
  • Powerful Anti Adblocker
  • Sticky Header
  • Featured Post Widget
  • Popular Posts Widget
  • Label Widget
  • Blog Archive Widget
  • Related Posts Widget
  • Email Subscription Widget
  • Social Media Sharing Button

How to download Prime - Elegant and Bold Blogger theme?

At the moment, it is only available for purchased users. Sorry, but we spent lot of time designing and adding features, and we hope you will respect it.

Files included on Download

  • Theme File.xml
  • A Blank Template.xml
  • Documentation.txt
  • License.txt
  • Custom Pages

We do not provide contents and images available on demo website.

Support from us

With the purchase of theme, we provide 3 months of support for purchased users regarding installation and theme issues. Support does not include:

  • Illegal theme users
  • Modified theme
  • Adding/Changing inbuilt features 


Version 1.0.1 - December 17, 2023

Changed Improved documentation for responsive image gallery

Fixed Lightbox images background issue

Version 1.0 - December 16, 2023

Release Published first version of Prime 🎉

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  3. Awesome theme for Blogger, Cheers Up 👏
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  4. Along with the performance, the new features: Auto Filter posts by Authors, Anti-Ad blocker, and commenting system is stunning.
    1. Glad you loved it. We will be adding more features soon.
    2. Oh that's great 💫.
  5. Very well done mate, You're a great designer 👀💗✨💫❤️
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    I can't express my joy, I wanted this theme so badly. Thanks a lot.
    In my perspective this is one of the best blogger theme I've ever found. It's awesome in every thing: SEO, Page Speed, User friendliness, Core Web Vitals, and other Features. 💯✅
    1. Hi Muhammad,

      Thank you for positive feedback :) Do not forget to share it with fellow bloggers.

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