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Test PenDrive / Memory Card For Originality - Windows & Linux

Last week, my friend bought a 32GB San Disk Pendrive and he told me the pendrive won't allow him to copy files once the device space is filled to 18GB. I suggested him to run chkdsk command and repair the device. However, all the efforts were wasted. I started searching if others are facing the same issue, and there were many. At first, I thought it was a fault for only San Disk Pendrives, but other manufacturers' devices were also showing same issue.

Later, I read this article that solved my query "why the pendrive won't allow me to copy beyond some limit even if free space is available". I'll try to explain it in a short way.

Basically, a pendrive/memory card/flash drive or any other usb devices that won't allow you to copy beyond a certain limit are fake devices. Yes, fake devices. There are two types of fake devices:

Type 1 Fake Device : Allows you to copy files to full memory space, but the files after some certain space will get corrupted and non-existant on viewing via File Manager.

Type 2 Fake Device : Shows Fake storage capabilities, and won't allow you to copy beyond real available memory space.

Concluding, my friend's pendrive falls under Type 2 Fake Device.

6 Cool Landing Pages Templates For Blogger Free Download

In my early days of blogging, I had hard time designing a premium squeeze/landing page for blogger. I remember going through one of our post titled "How to create a landing page in blogger" by Satbir Patel. It helped me a lot on from where and how to start designing a landing page.

However, the job was not easy. It took a lot of efforts and time to come up with design and making it responsive. Because of this, I had a feeling to shift to WordPress from Blogger. But for some reasons, I planned to stick with blogger platform and dropped my plan to design a landing page for blogger.

Few weeks ago, however, while searching for new design concepts in blogger, I noticed a lot of premium landing pages freely available for blogger. I was so amazed by their design qualities and features that I planned to create my personal portfolio page. It felt premium and therefore, I thought to share all available landing page themes with you all.

21 CSS Puns That'll Hurt Your Stomach From Laughing

Yesterday, I was helping one of my friend to design his website. It was a business based website and the task was meticulous. Somehow we completed it after working for four hours straight. We were totally exhausted. And we were in need of some refreshment.  He suggested me to look up for some funny memes and jokes.

Then, I started browsing Reddit and I remembered I had once saved a post titled: CSS Puns! Can you come up with more? from r/web_design to read for later. I started going through comments and they were ridiculously hilarious. I shared the same post with my friend, and we were laughing so hard that it started to hurt my stomach.

Later on, he advised me something -- Aman, why don't you share CSS Puns (Funny CSS Jokes) with your readers? I told him "In twistblogg, I normally post tutorial and how-to based articles. I have never shared jokes before." He said -- "OK! Cool. You can always add something extra." That same night, I thought "If I can make at least 5 people laugh, then that means a lot." Moreover, I started TwistBlogg with an agenda -- to help my fellow readers solve their problem. And a bit of smile is always good for body and mind. So, I made my mind, and come up with this list of funny CSS jokes.  

An Introduction to SVG & Comparison of different Image Formats

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector graphic format that is used to define vector-based graphics for the Web in XML format. Though it was conceived back in late 1990s, SVG gained its popularity recently because of modern browsers support and most vector drawing programs could export it.

In this tutorial, I'm going to introduce various advantages of using SVG image files, browser support for SVG files and point out some drawbacks.

Under the hood, SVG files are nothing more than simple plain text documents that describes lines, circles, shapes, colors, curves and texts. Every element and every attributes in SVG files can be animated, giving them a wider range of flexibility for web designing. Also, these files can be easily modified and customized via CSS and/or javascript, making them more versatile compared to traditional PNG and JPEG files. Here is a good comparison of SVG and PNG files.
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