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How to Create a Blogger Blog - Step by Step Guide

Blogger allows to create a free blog for everyone. This guide will guide you how you can start using blogspot and create your own website in few steps
How to Create a Blogger Blog - Step by Step Guide

How to Create a Blogger Blog - Step by Step Guide
Blogger.com is probably one of the best platform provided by Google to create free websites. You do not need to pay anything, you get a free subdomain (blogspot.com), you do not need to handle servers, and it provides 100% uptime. Isn't that cool?

If you are stepping in web development, blogger is the best option. It is so simple to create a website (which I will show in a bit) and make it live. However, you might need basic HTML, CSS skills to customize your blogger blog. 

Did you know? You can create 100 blogs per account.

First thing first, you need a Gmail account to create a blogspot website. If you do not have one, follow this guide.

Login to your Gmail and type blogger.com in your web browser. You will be redirected to this page. Click on Create Blog.

Creating a blogger blog


Next you will be asked to Write a title for your blog. You are allowed to enter 100 characters for title. Write anything, you can change it later. In my case, I am writing: TwistBlogg Test Blog. Click Next.

Choosing title for your blogger blog

Now, you will be asked to enter subdomain. You can change that address later. You can even redirect it to some custom domain. Click Next once it says "This blog address is available".

Choosing URL for your blogger blog

Congratulations. You have successfully created your first blog. Your website will be live at above address. You can click 'View Blog' to check it live though it will be a default blogger theme page with no content.

Next Step: Understanding Blogger.com dashboard - Coming Soon

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