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How to Get Google To Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly

Google takes some time to crawl and index your new website. Learn how you can make your blog appear on google quickly.
How to Get Google To Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly
How to Get Google To Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly
Does Google not index your website/blog or articles as fast as you publish them? Is your blog or website new? Do you think that the articles you published are not being indexed even after hours or days of their publication? Then there is another way to get your blog articles or website indexed within seconds of you publish them. 
Actually this is the power to each and every blogger or website owner given by Google via Webmasters Tools. You may be using these tools already but did you know you can use these tools too index your new website/blog or articles within seconds of using it? So this is what we are going to know step by step with examples.

Please note: This article is written based on old webmaster interface.

Login To Webmasters Tools

To use the webmasters tools you need to login to your webmasters tools account with your gmail account. If you are loged in to your Gmail account, you will automatically be logged in. 
Now if you are using blogger.com platform then you will see your blog already listed but in case there is no blog listed, just click on Add A Site red color button on left side then a dialog box will appear where you need to add the URL of your blog or website for example: www.twistblogg.com (do not use https:// and www is must).

In case you are using a Subdomain like as example.blogspot.com or example.weebly.com then you need to enter your subdomain name without www as it is. 
In case you are not using Blogger.com blogging platform, you need to verify the ownership of your domain so open the Verify Ownership section then you will see too methods of verifying (Recommended and Alternate) but we suggest you to use the Alternate method and in alternate method select the second option of HTML tag  to verify in which you will get a Meta Tag to insert in HTML of your website/blog.

Copy the Meta Tag code and paste it after the <head> section in the HTML of the blog/website and after that click on red Verify Now button and you will see a congratulation message saying that your site is verified and added. That is it now you are ready to use the magical features of Google webmasters Tools.

A Reminder : I've explained this for old interface. With new interface, you just need to enter your web address in Inspect any URL located at top position.

Click on Your Added Site

After Adding your site successfully it will appear in homepage so click on it to use the inside features. After that on left side you will see a number of useful links and one of them is Crawl. Click on it to expand it then click on the Fetch as Google link. See the image to understand in a better way.
Webmaster Tools Links

Enter Your Site URL and Click on Fetch Button

After clicking on Fetch as Google link you will get option of entering the URL of your site to fetch as Google. If your site is new and not indexed then you need not to enter any URL just click on Fetch button but if your site is indexed but you want to get your new article/web page indexed then enter the URL of that page.
Please Note:- You have to enter the URL starts after http://www.yourdomain.com/ and not the full URL because your main Domain URL is already entered which is fixed up to http://www.yourdomain.com/ see the image below.
Enter URL to Fetch

Now Click On Submit To Index

After Clicking on Fetch button, you will get the Fetched URL listed below with URL's fetch status. It the URL you entered is correct and found Fetch status will display ✓success otherwise Link not found. 
If everything is ok then in front of fetch status you will see a link button "Submit to index"  just click it then a dialog Box will appear to choose URL type to index. If it is homepage then select second option and if it is the article or any other webpage then select second option.
Click Submit Button

Check The Indexed URL in Google

So finally you have successfully submitted the URL and it is real time indexed. But how would you believe whether it is indexed or not? just copy the whole URL you submitted to index in Google search box (including http://www) and see live. 
You will see the time stamp like as 2 minutes ago, 20 seconds ago as the case may be. See image below.
Check Index Status In Google
This is the fastest way to get your new articles, blog, webpages or new websites indexed by Google quickly. This way you can do it manually if Google does not do it. It usually takes less then two minutes and results you know, are Great. 
We hope this way we helped you but if anything goes wrong or does not work please let us know in comments and also share your views or experience with Google Webmaster Tools. Thank You.

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