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Windows 7 .Exe File Association Fix Download Here

Windows .exe file association is a terrible issue where exe files do not work or they get opened by some apps. In this article, I'll give you a fix.
Windows 7 .Exe File Association Fix Download Here
Exe Fix For Windows 7
If you are reading this article then chances are that you are facing the problem of .exe file association not working or opening with other program. It is more like nightmarish situation for everyone when they first encounter this kind of terrific and horrible problem with their computer. You almost lost the control on your computer because .exe files does not work or .exe files open with notepad, adobe reader or Internet explorer as the case may be. 
It happens when you, without knowing the results, choose the default program from open with menu for .exe files. Once you chose the default program by yourself, next time all the .exe files will open with that chosen program whether it is notepad, chrome, word, adobe reader or Internet explorer. 
If it is the problem with you then you are on right web page where you will get Windows 7 .Exe File association Fix .Reg file to download and run on your computer to fix this problem within seconds.

Steps To Run The .Exe File Association Fix .Reg File

We have included two files with direct download links, one for win7 32-bit and another for both 32-bit and 64-bit. Just download both files on your device then right click on .reg file and click on Merge. Now a pop up warning message will appear just click on Yes and you are done.

Win7 32-Bit and 64-Bit .Exe File Fix Download


File Type: .reg File size: 2kb

Still if you have more "open with" problems in win7 like .JPEG Fix, Folder Fix, .Bat File Fix, .TXT Fix, .URL Fix, .HTML Fix or anything else just follow this link given below and download the fix related to your problem.

If this problem is with any other windows operating system from XP to Windows8, 32-bit or 64-bit just download FixExec from the link given below. Select your window version (32 or 64) and download the file.

FixExec Program File Size: Around 850kb
Anytime if anything goes wrong or does not work or links are not working or there is any kind of confusion/question, then please let us know in comments and we will serve you even better. Thank You.

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  1. Wao windows 7 exe file helped me to save my pc
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