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How to check my Blog SEO Rank - Free SEO Testing Tools

SEO is an important factor for getting organic traffics. Test if your site is SEO ready or not with this free SEO Testing Tools.
How to check my Blog SEO Rank - Free SEO Testing Tools
How To Check Blog SEO Rank - Free SEO Testing Tools
SEO is acronym for Search Engine Optimization which means optimization of webpages in a way to affect the visibility of these webpages in search engines in response to a search query. 
If you do it in Good way, it will reward the webpages with higher rankings, improved CTR and free visitors from organic search results. If you do not follow the SEO techniques or Good SEO practices, you are stepping back from your competition because your website will receive several penalties from Google algorithm updates and all other major search engines. 
Here we are going to provide you 5 free seo testing tools to check your blog's or website's on page SEO. By testing your website's SEO with the tools given below, you will get to know the overall score, errors and suggestions for improvements.

1) WooRank

WooRank is free to generate 1 report weekly. It does the premium job for free. However, if you need some more detailed in-depth analysis of your website then you can signup for premium services starting at 49$ per month. 
We don't think you need to signup because the free report includes a comprehensive data as you can see in the image below we have checked our blog with it. On right side, you will see the overall score and on left side you will see the points of review woorank has completed analysis of. Scroll down to see the details of the report with improvement suggestions to follow.

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2) Pingdom

Pingdom website speed test tool is available free to check the speed of your website. You can also sign up free to receive the alerts if anytime your websites goes down. Pingdom checks the servers from different places around the world. 
With pingdom speed test tool, you will get plenty of information like as load time, CSS, JavaScripts, images, tips on how to improve the speed of your website, testing from different locations around the world with real browsers to know how fast it loads on different locations and share your results with friends.

3) SEObin

SEO Bin is a free tool to optimize the Title and Description tags of your website in a better way. Watch the video tutorial to know how to use this free tool.

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4) WebPageTest

WebPageTest is another amazing free tool to test the speed of your website from different locations around the globe with different browsers. In your report you will get the whole information of load time with waterfall charts, speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements. 

5) Virante SEO Tools

On Virante SEO Tools page, you will find a huge list of SEO tools which were not available for public before but now they are available to use publicly. However, use of some advanced tools require coupon code.

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Conclusion: These tools provided above are free to use and every tool gives us comprehensive and useful report regarding SEO of our website. By using these tools, we get to know what we are missing and how can we improve. These free tools not only provide us the detailed in-depth review but also provide the suggestions to improve. The best things online are free :) If you know some more free tools then please recommend them in comments.

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  1. very useful post , every blogger needs to find out the errors of the blog those above tools are really helpful ... and satbir there is one more good tool seositecheckup and google page speed insights also both are very solid tools .. i often use the woorank and seobin for my titles and description length , thanks for sharing mate.. !
  2. Nice collection. A few of them I have used.I was also looking for this kind of collection. You can add another SEO tool serplab.co.uk to check the result of Google SERP of any website. It also instruct me that what I have to do to develop my site. I have used many tools to check my site’s health in Google SERP. But it is totally free better than any premium SEO tools.
    1. Edwin Franklin |> Thank you for adding another useful tool. I have not used their service and will check for sure!
  3. Thank you for sharing valuable information. Nice post. I enjoyed reading this post. The whole blog is very nice found some good stuff and good information here Thanks..Also visit my page Starter SEO Package
  4. Really good article to begin with SEO ;)
    1. Thank you for your comment..!!
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