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21 CSS Puns That'll Hurt Your Stomach From Laughing

I've listed top 21 best css puns and jokes of all time that'll make you laugh for sure.
21 CSS Puns That'll Hurt Your Stomach From Laughing
css puns and jokes
Yesterday, I was helping one of my friend to design his website. It was a business based website and the task was meticulous. Somehow we completed it after working for four hours straight. We were totally exhausted. And we were in need of some refreshment.  He suggested me to look up for some funny memes and jokes.

Then, I started browsing Reddit and I remembered I had once saved a post titled: CSS Puns! Can you come up with more? from r/web_design to read for later. I started going through comments and they were ridiculously hilarious. I shared the same post with my friend, and we were laughing so hard that it started to hurt my stomach.

Later on, he advised me something -- Aman, why don't you share CSS Puns (Funny CSS Jokes) with your readers? I told him "In twistblogg, I normally post tutorial and how-to based articles. I have never shared jokes before." He said -- "OK! Cool. You can always add something extra." That same night, I thought "If I can make at least 5 people laugh, then that means a lot." Moreover, I started TwistBlogg with an agenda -- to help my fellow readers solve their problem. And a bit of smile is always good for body and mind. So, I made my mind, and come up with this list of funny CSS jokes.  

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language that describes how HTML elements are to be displayed in a window. With CSS, you can style your website designs. You can learn more about CSS from here. Below are some funny CSS jokes to make you laugh.

21 CSS Jokes/Puns to make your day

.fear {
          display: none;

.ghost {
          color:  white;
          opacity:  0.1;

#titanic {
          float:  none;

#tower-of-pisa {
          font-style:  italic;

.internet-explorer {
          break-inside:  auto;

.fat-girl:nth-child(n) {
          width:  inherit;

.belly {
          overflow:  visible;

.egg::before {
          content:  'chicken';

.big-bang :: before {
          content:  " ";
.big-bang :: after{
          content:  "100000000000000000000000000.....";

.muscles {
          display:  flex;

#bermuda-triangle {
          display:  none;

#periodic {
          display:  table;

.obese {
          width:  200%;
          overflow:  visible;

.wife {
          right:  100%;
          margin:  0%;

.single-lane-road {
          width:  auto;

.samsung {
          @extend  apple;

#rip {
          bottom:  -6912px;
          /* 6912px = 6 feet */

.my-friends-brain :: before, .my-friends-brain :: after {
          content:  " " ;

.rich-people {
          top:  1%;
.working-class {
          bottom:  99%;

.maths :: before {
          content:  " ";
.maths :: after {
          content:  " Brain Not Found ";

.puns :: before {
          content:  " ";
.puns :: after {
          content:  " Stomach pain, Smile, Laugh";

That's all ! Hopefully, above 21 CSS jokes/puns moved your face muscles at minimum. Now, its time to focus on real deal. Here are few handpicked tutorials for you to read next:

Last but not the least, I have some questions to all my readers: Which one is your favorite? Do you have something extra to share? Do you want me to come up with more list?

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    working class butom 😑 so true
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