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BlogLog Premium and SEO Optimized Blogger Template - TwistBlogg v2.0

Recently, we launched our premium and seo optimized template for blogger and named it BlogLog. Feel free to explore our theme.
BlogLog Premium and SEO Optimized Blogger Template - TwistBlogg v2.0
download twistblogg blogger template
I'm getting a lot of requests from my visitors asking about which template is best based on three factors - Load time, SEO tactics and Design. My Simple answer would be -- Why don't you use the theme I used for my blog "TwistBlogg.com"?

That doesn't mean its the only blogger template that has outstanding load time, configured with latest SEO trends and an elegant design. Considering my effort in customizing and editing this template for a long time, I feel like it is one of the best option out there for Best Blogger Template of 2020. Don't get me wrong :P

I seriously spent a lot of time thinking about template name, and nothing struck my neurons. I randomly named it "BlogLog". Sounds fancy,right?

BlogLog(TwistBlogg v2.0) is a blogger template that is designed prioritizing web page speed without affecting user experience. Lots of useful features embedded in this theme includes:

1) Latest SEO Tactics and Meta Tags

Starting from latest Google Breadcrumb issue for rich page results to social meta tags, this blogger theme is coded with latest Search Engine Optimization techniques and a blog following the current SEO trend has more probability of appearing in SERPs compared to others.

Not only should a blog be SE friendly, but also social media friendly. Defined image tag, meta tag and title tag can help your blog out-stand others. With BlogLog template, all you need is to change them with your data. We stand at a 100 SEO score by lighthouse testing.

2) Fast Page Loading

fast loading blogger theme

As explained earlier, TwistBlogg v2.0 is designed prioritizing page speed. We maximize the use of CSS and HTML and reduce unnecessary scripts and JQuery files. CSS files are highly minimized and scripts are installed towards the end of body tag. Images are loaded when they appear in fold.
Moreover, DNS Lookup & no. of HTTP requests are reduced by removing unnecessary services and scripts. With this template, expect one thing -- Super Fast Page Speed.

3) Make use of SVG Icons

Icons are integral part of web designing, and installing third party web fonts like Font Awesome increases page loading time because a connection has to be made in their server which consumes more data. Even though the delay can be in fraction of seconds, but it has an effect in user experiences.

On the other hand, SVG Icons are simple and easy to install. No third party connections are needed. They are fully responsive and infinitely scalable. The only drawback of this icon is that the writing of code is longer than other web fonts, but it pays off by improving page speed.

You can also read, How to optimize Font Awesome Icons for faster page speed.

4) Fully Responsive

Highly responsive blogger theme

Like most of the premium templates, Bloglog is fully responsive and fits perfectly with every devices. We have tested from a low resolution device to a higher one and crafted this theme to enhance user experience.

5) Other Features of BlogLog Template

Features Checklist
Google Pagespeed Check
Google Testing Tools Check
LightHouse Test Check
Night Mode Yes
Disqus Comment Yes
Email Box Yes
Share buttons Yes
Reading Time Yes
Last updated date Yes
Related Posts Yes
Navigation Menu Yes
Custom Error Page Yes
Back To Top Button Yes
Premium Contact Page Yes
Customized Author Page Yes
Customized Sitemap Page Yes
Highly Accessible Yes

Template Price

This template is sold at $20 for a standard license, and the price is subject to change without any notice.

If you're interested to buy this template, please contact us.

With the purchase of this template, you'll get :
  • TwistBlogg v2.0 Template
  • Full Support for 2 months
  • Free upgrades for next 2 versions
  • TwistBlogg v1.0 Template (releasing soon / older version) 

Note: Illegal Sharing of this template is strictly prohibited.

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  1. If you ever consider selling the template the site you are running uses, please make a post about it. I'd be interested.
    1. Yes for sure :) Do not forget to subscribe
  2. Which template is this site using, and where's it available for purchase?
    1. Hello, this is a custom theme I created. Sorry, currently it is not available for purchase :)
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