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7 Best Tools For Bloggers To Correct Grammatical Mistakes

A grammatically correct post is easier to go through and motivate in reading. Rectify your grammatical mistakes with this free tools.
7 Best Tools For Bloggers To Correct Grammatical Mistakes
Best Tools For Bloggers To Correct Grammatical Mistakes
Grammar errors are common issues while writing a long article because when we sit down to write, we don't look at mistakes and continue writing until finish. Then when we get the article written, we don't go for proofreading thoroughly because this is the process we don't love to do :) So how do you manage to get your articles grammar errors free? 
Even if you are a native English speaker, does not guarantee 100% accuracy every time. And the process becomes more tedious for those all having to write in English as their 2nd language. Well, we have the right tools for you to get over this problem for free.

List of Best Tools For Bloggers To Correct Grammatical Mistakes Free

These tools listed above shall make you feel like having an English Teacher sitting right next to you, helping you for free.

[Note: You can not expect 100% Accuracy From These Tools As They Are Automated Software Available For Free. They Are Good For Vocabulary Mistakes and Finding Synonyms.]

1) Grammarly

This is the only tool I use personally for correcting my articles on the fly. I have its chrome extension installed and its works anywhere on the web. Whether I am writing an article, posting a tweet, facebook status or leaving a comment on other blogs, it works like a life saver.
It has the pro version of it too so you can have the total control of over 250 grammar mistakes you can possibly make. This one is highly recommended.

2) GingerSoftware

Ginger Software is very much flexible when it comes to using it. You can use it with MS office, Wordpad, Notepad, Browsers or even in "Blogger Post Editor" too. 
You need to download it to you desktop and then install. Installation may take few minutes as it will download the stuff and install the extensions to your browsers so that it can work in your browsers too. It is totally free. We recommend you to download this software if your English is very weak as it will help you to improve your English a lot.

3) PolishMywriting

This is a very nice, user-friendly and professionally designed tool. The best part is, "This Is Completely Free". Simply copy paste your article inside Text Box and hit "Check writing" button. All the grammatical mistakes will get highlighted in few seconds. Click on highlighted texts to see the suggestions to correct or ignore.

4) SpellChecker

One of my favorite tools because it gives us truckloads of suggestions to correct our mistakes. Just paste your text inside text box, click on Spell Check button then a pop-up dialog box will appear so wait for few seconds to load then start correcting your grammatical mistakes for free and wait, did i mention that it has 125+ languages to choose and work with? It is simply an awesome tool.

5) GrammarBase

Another high quality of free grammar check tool available online. Simply copy paste your text, click on Start Checking and within few seconds it will highlight for the errors. Click on highlighted text to see the suggestion and apply or ignore it.

6) PaperRater

PaperRater Grammar check does its job beautifully. Scan your text online for grammar errors, proofreading & spelling check. This tool is suitable for scanning long articles, essays, text documents etc and the same time you get improvement suggestion too.

7) Proofreadbot

Proofreadbot is free for 1 proofreading per week (limited to 600 words) and for unlimited use, you can go to the premium. In its premium features (Purchase a package), it includes many other tools like as Plagiarism Checker Tool, Style, Grammar Check etc. You can get 25 free Proofread credits if you share it on your Facebook with friends! 

Another Addition:

8) Blogger Post Editor

You may have tried it because it is inside your Blogger Post editor. It checks for the spell mistakes only. You can find this on the right side of post editor toolbar named "ABC".

Why Should You Use A Tool For Grammatical Mistakes?

Whether you are a Blogger or Freelance writer, you will have to take it seriously that your articles do not include most common grammatical mistakes because it affects you in a number of ways:
  • Authority: If you are a blogger then it is crucial for you to write grammar error free article because your readers will notice the most common grammar errors you are making. They will not become your readers and next time when they will see your blog link in search results, they will not click it.
  • Rankings: Search engines will notice the grammar errors in your articles while crawling and ultimately your rankings will go down. Your articles will get indexed but never appear in SERPs even on the 2nd page. So it is important from SEO point of view
  • Advertisements: Why do you blog? To make money along with sharing useful stuff? Then who will opt your blog for advertisements? It will be very difficult to get approved for major ad programs like as Adsense, Infolinks, BuySellads or Individuals.
So this is why you need to take care of it every time before publishing your articles. We hope this article was useful and you got what you were looking for. Now take a minute and show your love by Liking, sharing and subscribing us :) Thank you, Take care and Happy Blogging Pals!!

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