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Premium Blogger Plugins Series - Get Stylish Blogger Widgets

Hey fellow bloggers', we have launched our new series Premium Blogger Plugins where we will be primarily focusing on creating blogger widgets, customizing them to give a premium look and sharing the customized product with everyone for FREE.
Premium Blogger Plugins Series - Get Stylish Blogger Widgets
Hey fellow bloggers', we have launched our new series "Premium Blogger Plugins" where we will be primarily focusing on creating blogger widgets, customizing them to give a premium look and sharing the customized product with everyone for FREE !! Sounds Fair & a great deal, right?

Fair the deal sounds, so is our purpose for releasing this series: to create a page where the readers of TwistBlogg.com can easily navigate latest premium blogger plugins launched by our team.

In this series of blogger plugins, we will be persistently sharing --
  • Email Subscription Box
  • Popular Posts Widgets
  • Responsive Multi-author box
  • Social Share Buttons

Email Subscription is a great option present in a website that allows readers to subscribe and receive fresh updated posts right into the inbox without having to visit the website back. Prior to receiving emails, readers need to enter their email ID and activate subscription.

Popular Posts Widget is a blogger.com feature that allows blog owner to show trending articles either weekly, monthly or yearly based along with a feature that displays images & snippets. This allows readers to know what a blog is known for the most.

Multi-author box is important for bloggers as it shows who is the content owner of the published article. It provides writers some credits & readers the information about the writer. Also, showing author box in the published content can attract Guest Bloggers too.

Social Share Buttons play an important role in shouting about our blog as it provides a platform for readers to share contents with each other or a mass of people.Personally, I prefer to add following social sharing platforms -- Mix.com(previously known as stumbleupon.com), Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Buffer & WhatsApp.

What to expect in Premium Blogger Plugins Series?

☑ At least 10 Email Subscription Box For Sidebar & below posts.
☑ At least 5 Popular Posts Widget with beautiful designs.
☑ At least 3 Multi-author box with social follow buttons.
☑ At least 10 Social Share Buttons (Floating, below posts, below post title or Follow Buttons)

Is it necessary to install premium blogger widgets?

A simple answer -- Yes or No. Confused? Yes because these blogger widgets provide premium looks to your website design plus improves user experience. No because some readers might love clean blogs with no extra plugins installed and no 3rd party service that continuously records their data. However, here is a good news: The plugins and widgets we are sharing are 3rd party service free (so no worries of being recorded) and they are super-light (most of them) & loads quickly without interrupting user experiences. I told you it is a simple answer, right?

Are all the premium blogger widgets FREE of cost?

Yes, they are totally free of cost. Not only that, you even have power to remove credits provided in the widgets (except the Comment section part-- which be mentioned in the articles). However, you can't distribute them without permission. A fair deal, right?

Since everything is clear by now, let's dive straight into these beautiful and highly customized widgets for blogger. Feel Free to share them with your friends or even strangers. Happy Blogging 😎♚

  • New Stylish Sidebar Email Subscription Box
  • Responsive Horizontal Social Media Share Buttons For blogger
  • Premium WordPress Like Blogger Email Subscription Box
  • Stylish Popular Posts Widget with count box for blogger
  • Author Box Below Posts in blogger
  • Share Buttons For Blogger Below Posts
  • Simple powerful email box for blogger
  • Add Popular Posts Widget with star rating in blogger
  • Stylish Horizontal Email Box For Blogger
  • Responsive multi-author box with social icons for blogger
  • New Elegant Popular Posts Widget For blogger
  • Stylish Email Box For Blogger Sidebar
  • Floating Social Share Bar with share counts for blogger
  • subscription box widget for blogger sidebar
  • Stylish Email Subscription Box with social icons for blogger sidebar
  • Simple Floating Share Bar for blogger with share count
  • New Stylish Email Subscription Box blogger below post
  • Social Media Beautiful Buttons With Cool Hover Effects
  • Feedburner Popup Email Box For Blogger

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