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5 Tips To Become a successful blogger

Starting a blog is easy but growing and understanding audiences take efforts and skills. Grab tips on how you can better grow as a successful blogger.
5 Tips To Become a successful blogger
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Blogger is one of the best platform to start your blog and spread your knowledge. The terms 'blog' and 'website' are different (refer to this page for more info). Here we will refer to blogs. Do you know, more than 175K+ Blogs are created daily on internet but all bloggers don't get success. Only few blogs get reached to people & are listed on Google Search. Still many other blogs remain back on Google. 
Do you know why all blogs don't get reached to people and remain back on Google Search .That's because they don't know how to start blogging and how to become a successful blogger. So,today I'm going to show you some guidelines to become a pro and successful blogger.

Creating a blog is not a difficult task.You only need to have a Google account and sign up for blogger and just create a blog and start posting. Isn't that sounds easy? But only posting on blogs can you become a successful blogger.
If yes then many newbie bloggers will definitely become successful over a night. To be a successful blogger isn't an easy task. You need patience and dedication to blogger. There are many things that take you to become a successful and good blogger. Follow this simple steps and you can get success within a month.

How to Become a Successful and Good Blogger?

As I already told you becoming a successful blogger isn't an easy task.You need lots of dedication and smart work. Here I'm going to tell you some key points to become a successful blogger.

[1] Patience is a key

It is the most have quality for every blogger. You can't get success starting a blog and writing articles over a night. You need lots of dedication and smart work. You must have patience while blogging. Many newbie bloggers start blogging thinking they can become successful within a night or a week. But they can't so most of them quit blogging. 
That's the main reason why you can't become a successful blogger. You need to wait till your time comes. You must have proper and positive attitude towards your blog. You must try to work smart and keep working with your blog. You have to update your blog at least twice a week and keep in touch with your blogs and its traffics. So, always keep in mind if you want to be a good blogger then keep patience while blogging.

[2] Content is King

It is another key point to be a successful blogger. Your blog must contain original contents. Your blog shouldn't have copied articles and it shouldn't violate Google policy. Yeah,it may take a lot of research and patience to write your own original and unique content but I'm damn sure it will help you a lot in future. Your blog can get good position on search engine. 
Of course,proper use of keywords is another important factor for SEO but only using keywords on copied articles is not worthy. You must have good and unique content. Try to develop your writing skills and post regularly unique articles on your blog.

[3] Do not 🙅 do SEO for couple of months

How to become a successful blogger?

You might be in surprise reading this key point and you should be thinking the admin has got mad. But this time,I'm right and not a mad. Yeah,you shouldn't do Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) for first few months of your blogging carrier. Try to think like a newbie blogger,first time creating a blog feels great but ask one question to yourself Do you really know what was SEO in the beginning. I'm sure you don't. I was too unknown about SEO for few months of my blogging carrier. 
So,for first three months don't care about SEO as it takes a lot of time and hard work to know SEO. If you try to do SEO by the time you created your blog then you can't get success. You won't understand any thing about it. So, only focus on Unique content of your blog for first few months and learn SEO from Google and some experts slowly after few months.

[4] Professional Blog Designs

Do you love to visit any blogs that don't have good blog design,have random posts and a lot of advertisement.I'm sure you won't. I also do not like that kind of blog. I simply close the blog instantly without observing the blog contents. If anyone visits your blog and feels difficulty to read articles then he/she will close it without reading and your blog can never get success. 
So,it is necessary for your blog to have proper design and layout. It should be user friendly and it shouldn't bother your visitors. You should make proper space for your social media links, Subscribe button and make it perfect so everyone can enjoy your post without any hindrance. 
Below are some highly SEO optimized, responsive, premium and adsense Friendly blogger templates.

[5] Maintain Proper Communication with your readers

If you are serious about your blogging carrier then you must have good understanding and communication 📡 among your blogger users. You must develop your ability to transfer your visitors into your blog subscribers. You should properly use RSS Feeds and Email Subscription. You should keep Subscription widget in that place where every one can see it and would click on that. 
You must create proper About Us and  Contact Us page so your blog users can easily know you and can contact you. You should also try to solve your blog users problem and keep updating them with proper and quality contents and knowledge. So,try to develop good communication with your blog users.

Conclusion: I'm sure you loved the article and you must have known some guidelines to become a successful blogger. Follow above simple steps and get yourself in a good place on blogging field. Keep working with your blogs. You can simply spend about 2 to 3 hours daily on your blogger. 
Work Smart and Happy Blogging 😀 Please do share this article among your friends and leave a comment. Happy New Year 2023 👌💣

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